Santa Clara Youth Soccer League
P.O. Box 2014, Santa Clara

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About the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League 

  • We provide a youth recreational and competitive soccer programs to 1,600 players and 3,200 parents each year.
  • We provide a family friendly soccer program for Girls & Boys from 5-19 years old.
  • SCYSL enables you to reach an active audience participating in youth sports.
  • SCYSL is a local non-profit and youth sports community organization; your sponsorship is tax deductible.

About Our Families 

  • Residents in Santa Clara, San Jose
  • $91,520 Median Household Income, which is 53% higher than that of California ($59,859)
  • Average Household size 2.85
  • Highly educated, tech savvy adults
  • Diverse: White, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Asian Indian
  • Competitive soccer families travel 6-8 months a year across Northern California


  • Opportunities Online Marketing: Website, Facebook, Twitter
  • Email Newsletter
  • Sponsor an Event
  • Logo placement on soccer uniforms


Updated May 2019

SCYSL has adopted the following policy regarding sponsorships designated for a specific team. 

  • Any team can freely solicit sponsorships from any person, business or organization. All team sponsorship money must be used for the equipment, uniforms, tournaments, player registrations, clinics, camps, team parties or travel expenses for tournaments.
  • Sponsorship by alchohol and tobacco companies is prohibited by Cal-North.
  • Sponsorship money may not be used to hire professional coaches and trainers for the team. 
  • In order to receive SCYSL’s non-profit tax benefits from the sponsorship, the sponsorship donation must be made to the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and identified as a team sponsorship (for specific team). A 10% fee will be retained by the league as stated in the SCYSL By-Laws. 
  • SCYSL will send a Sponsorship Donation Letter to the donor which includes the League’s Tax Identification Number. 
  • Prior to receiving a check from the League, the sponsored team must provide a written signed statement listing the intended expenditures for the money. 
  • Once the written statement is received, the League Treasurer will write a check to the designated team representative. In the event that all the money is not used for the listed approved expenses, the remaining money is to be redirected back to the League.