Santa Clara Lions FC

Our mission

The Santa Clara Lions FC (football club) offers a local district-level competitive soccer program.

Our program is designed to introduce and develop young soccer players from the recreational level into a competitive player development environment. The program is managed and operated by The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and provides a competitive and affordable value to our families.

Steve Redondo serves as our Coaching Director and has more than 30-years of professional youth soccer coaching experience. He has been playing and coaching soccer all his life and extremely passionate about developing players. Steve manages a team of professional coaches and runs the program cirriculum.

Our teams will compete in NorCal Premier soccer leagues and local soccer tournaments.

  • Affordable Competitive Soccer Program for players new to mid-level competitive soccer
  • Jump from Recreational Soccer to Competitive with Professional Coaching
  • Technical and Tactical Skills Player Development

Santa Clara Lions FAQs

Lions Philpsophy

Santa Clara Lions Philosophy:

Lions FC facilitates soccer for the passionate player at all experience levels. Lions coaches focus on the advancement and growth of each player within a tight-knit, supportive and community based club environment, where we compete, learn and have fun together.

Norcal Premier Mission and Core Values

VISION: We ignite a lifelong passion for soccer.

MISSION: We elevate soccer by developing players, clubs, coaches and referees.


Collaboration: We collaborate with our soccer community to make wise decisions.

Joy: We celebrate soccer and take fun seriously!

Impact: We make a meaningful difference.

Agility: We do the right thing, and we move quickly.

Competition: We believe that healthy competition is essential to progress.

Education: We are committed to learning and development.

2021 Santa Clara Lions FC Fees

2021 Santa Clara Lions FC Fees

The projected annual SC Lions program fees for 2021-22 season are approximately $1,650 per player and are inclusive of:

  • Professional coaching fees
  • Team training during the defined Fall and Spring seasons, with option to practice during winter months
  • Tournament entrance fees for two tournaments per calendar year
  • League registration fees (NorCal Premier) and all Spring/Fall league games
  • All associated field usage, field maintenance and field equipment fees
  • Referee fees, for league home games
  • Annual player registration fees
  • General costs of operating the program
Return to Play Protocol


The new Reed Street Soccer Complex is going to open on March 1, 2021 and the following COVID-19 Protocol will go into place.

No Contact Practice
No Parents watching outside facility

1. Players and coaches must complete the Health Check at home on their cell phones within 24 hours of scheduled practices.  All adults and children that fail the health test must stay home and cannot participate.

2. Do Not Arrive Too Early as the City of Santa Clara will not allow participants to wait and congregate at the facility.

3. All vehicles must enter the parking lot at the Reed Street entrance and exit onto Grant Street.

4. The SCYSL Safety Monitor will be at the entrance and ALL participants must check-in at the station before entering the facility.

  • Show your Passing Health Check Screen on your cell phone to the Safety Monitor.
  • Players without cell phones can be accompanied by parents who have taken the health check on their phone; or
  • Unaccompanied Players without cell phones will take an in person health check with the Safety Monitor.

5. Proceed through the concourse and sanitize your hands at the sanitizer station.

6. Turn left towards the your assigned field. DO NOT TURN RIGHT Please wait for the teams to get off the field before entering.

7. Masks are required at all times EXCEPT when actively practicing.

8. Only Water is allowed at the facility (no sports drinks and no food).


10. The back fences of Fields 3 and 4 lead to neighboring business. If a ball goes over the fence YOU HAVE LOST IT. DO NOT CLIMB THE FENCE TO RETRIEVE THE BALL.

11. Until the County of Santa Clara officially updates it’s website with the new guidelines, practices will be NO CONTACT.

12. Reminder to follow all COVID-19 and and Social Distancing Protocols per the County of Santa Clara Health Department:

  • Practice Six Feet Social Distancing
  • Cover your sneezes and coughs, NO SPITTING
  • No sharing of bottles

13. End on time and vacate your space for the next team.

14. Exit into the parking through the side gate.

15. Parents are to remain in vehicles and are not allowed to spectate against fences.


All Santa Clara Lions FC players and teams are required to purchase a uniform at Soccer Kraze in Campbell. The club assigns a player number, and the uniform can be ordered and picked-up at Soccer Kraze in Campbell when it’s ready.  The uniform cost,  approximately $160, is in addition to program fees and is the parents’ responsibility.

Steve Redondo

Steve Redondo
Santa Clara Lions FC Coaching Director

We Offer Local to National Caliber levels of soccer

Santa Clara Youth Soccer League

Santa Clara Lions Coaching Staff

Steve Redondo

Steve Redondo

Coaching Director

2012 Girls Red Team
2009 Boys
2010 Boys


Timo McIntosh

2013 Boys Red Team
2008 Boys Red Team
2008 Boys Black Team

Danny Gonzalez

2007 Girls Red Team
2006 Girls Red Team

Robbie Adler

2012 Black Boys Team

Chris Strangio

2012 Red Boys Team
2011 Red Boys Team

Andrew Canepa

2011 Red Girls Team (Co-Coach)

2011 Boys Black Team


Heidi Stewart

Communications Director