Santa Clara Lions Tryout FAQs

Steve Redondo

Steve Redondo
Santa Clara Lions FC Coaching Director


Santa Clara Youth Soccer League
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Santa Clara Lions FC Competitive Soccer Tryout FAQs

Q. What Happens Next? 
Following the tryouts you will receive notification of acceptance within seven days your last tryout attendance dates. There will be a short window to register to secure your players spot on a team. 

Q. When does training start if my player makes the team?       
If your player is accepted & registered he/she can begin practicing immediately.  Spring 2024 season runs January – end of June.

Break for all national holidays, majority of December – New Years SCUSD school holiday break.

Depending on local offering, interest, and team/player availability there is an additional indoor soccer season January-February with additional cost for league or facility usage.

Q. How does team placement work?
Post tryout your player will be evaluated (as all players are bi- annually) and placed on the team for best fit level of play. Lions FC typically has 2-3 teams in each age and gender group. 

Q. How often do we practice?
Practices run twice per week with field location and timing subject to change. 

Our fields are permitted by the city and in combination with SCYSL and Santa Clara city we are flexible with the changes that occur and need parents to be too. Currently we are practicing at the Reed and Grant Street Sports Complex and Curtis Field, which is the expected location for 2023/2024. At this time we can not determine with 100% certainty what days/times practices will be held at.

Q. What is the Family Commitment & Expectation
Competitive soccer with the Lions FC is a year long commitment and requires the player to not only be interested in soccer, but also follow it outside of training to help grow their understanding of the game both on and off the field. Parent/guardian involvement in supporting their development and soccer understanding is very important. 

Arriving on time, communicating using Team Snap – our communication app, and following all club wide direction/communication are required.

Q. How much does the Lions FC Program Cost?
Annual cost for Lions FC is $1,800 and includes all training year round with off time December (Christmas/New Year holiday). Each team competes in two tournaments per year in Northern CA. Tournament fees are included in your annual registration. No prorated registration. 

Uniform cost~$160. Parent/Guardian is responsible for ordering once registration is complete & jersey number is assign by club. 

Q. Do You Have Financial Aid/Scholarships Available?
We do offer Financial Aid for regular season play which can be found on SCYSL website and by contacting Jamie Alas directly at [email protected]

Q. What is your Refund Policy?
What happens if I decide/want to stop and no longer have my player attend? 

Refunds are only granted for relocation outside of Santa Clara County and medical reasons with club requested documentation [doctors note and/or property purchase/lease agreement].

Q. What is Your Covid Shutdown Policy?
What if Covid shuts down play? SCYSL Lions FC follows all county and state guidelines in regards to shutdown. If a shutdown occurs your remaining registration will be credited toward the next season if paid in full or future payments stopped if on payment plan. You can request a refund but this will remove your player from the club/team completely, including communication & their # will be assigned to someone else upon restating training as new players tryout & register.